Confessions of a Jazzerciser

The energy and rhythm of the mob swept me up, and before I fully understood what was happening, I was Jazzercising with the rest of them.

If you had asked three days ago, I would have told you Jazzercise died in the 80s along with mall bangs, leg warmers and belted leotards. But that is just not the case. Jazzercise is alive and kicking.

It is also tapping its feet, swinging its arms and thrusting its pelvis.

The women of the Jazzercise Fitness Center in Greensboro led an hour-long Jazzercise session to warm up participants for a 5K walk/run to benefit breast cancer research last weekend. I participated. Accidentally.

Aerobics does not come easily to me. The only other experience I’ve had with the activity was a step class I took toward a PE credit in college. It ended badly. As everyone else in the class kicked and stepped, turned around, and kicked and stepped again, I jumped and flailed and tripped over my platform. I tried to sneak out in the middle of class, but had to put away the platform AAAAAND the four blocks under it. Not very subtle.

I felt only slightly more coordinated on Saturday. Following our leader, 200 women and I stepped three to the right, kicked, stepped three to the left. We rolled our shoulders, popped our hips, and did a series of exaggerated pelvic thrusts, all in unison. It was actually kind of fun.

When I told my sister Laura about my experience later that day, I met silence on the phone line. “Jazzercise, Christina?” she said. “You are no longer allowed to make decisions for yourself. From now on, run everything by me.”

Learn Jazzercise moves, including the Jazz Stretch, Attitude Lift, Flick Kick, Heel Hop and Hip Rock, here.

Become a Jazzercise instructor here.


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4 Responses to “Confessions of a Jazzerciser”

  1. Lido Says:

    Christina – Listen to your sister.
    But didn’t you know the 80’s are back man – There outfits being worn here in Kalispell and that I used to wear in the fourth grade. (But maybe I’m just starting to sound like my parents). One thing I’ve learned is that it’s hard to type with a Michael Jackson glove on. – By the way – love your blog even though it makes me feel totally lazy and worthless.

  2. JB Says:

    Christina, you crack me the hell up.

  3. The Modern Gal Says:

    Was the colorful spandex part of the experience?

  4. Leslie Says:

    This entry is wonderful. For both what you wrote, and Laura’s response. It make me smile.

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