A shot in the arm

At his suggestion, Laura and I paid the immigration official at the Bolivian border 100 Bolivianos to let us into the country without the yellow fever vaccinations required for our visas.
“Get the shot the first chance you get, or you’ll have to pay again when you enter other countries,” the official warned us sternly, speaking Spanish, as he arranged our freshly-converted bills in a stack on his desk.
And so, in the mid-sized Bolivian town of Sucre, Laura and I searched out the public health clinic (which we found in the midst of a dusty construction zone), gave our names and passport numbers to the lady at the desk and, in a room off to the side, got doses of yellow fever shot into our upper arms.

My hard-earned yellow fever card

Now, we’re bound and determined to expose ourselves to yellow fever so we can NOT contract it.
Steamy jungle, here we come!!!


One Response to “A shot in the arm”

  1. Gayle Thomas Says:

    I hope it was with a new needle!

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